How to Use LinkedIn: 10 Ways to Master It


If you are not sure how to use LinkedIn, you’re not alone.

LinkedIn, I believe is the most under rated social network out there.  There are so many uses for LinkedIn, not only to connect with people, but for job searching, business networking, branding and promoting, Q and A’s with experts, groups and more! Here are 10 things you should take advantage of on LinkedIn:

1.  Contact Info

The idea of LinkedIn is so that you can ‘link’ or ‘connect‘ with others. So why make it difficult to contact you? I see many profiles where, even if we are ‘friends’, I can’t find an email or a phone number for you. Sure, there may be a link to your website but then I’m sent to one of those ‘contact us’ pages instead of a real email address. People are lazy (myself included), so make it easy for us to contact you. You will find my website, email, and phone in the ‘summary section’, and all my contact info in the ‘additional info section’.

2.  Your Profile Picturehow to use LinkedIn

It amazes me how many people don’t have a profile picture of themselves.  LinkedIn is all about connecting with people, so put a face to a name and let us know who we’re talking to!

3.  Title Info

Aside from your name and picture, this is the first thing people see about you…your first impression, so sell yourself! Don’t just label yourself a CEO, journalist, entrepreneur, consultant, or my personal favorite…work from home and make millions! Tell us who you are and what you do. If you were to meet someone IRL (in real life), would you cover your face and say ‘John Smith, entrepreneur’? Of course not!

4.  Summary

Most people won’t go past the summary section of your LinkedIn profile so use this space to shine. List all your skills, make it a mini resume, put your contact info there, tell us what your doing now or what your goal is, just tell us something important we should know about you. P.S. You can move the sections around in LinkedIn, so if it’s not already…Move your “summary section” to the top!

5.  Recommendation

Probably the most underutilized section of LinkedIn and possibly the most effective. Anyone can give you a recommendation and vice versa.  A recommendation is simply a colleague, client or customer giving you a thumbs up and making you more legit to a potential client, customer, or future boss. Start sending out recommendations and they will come back to you too.

6.  Don’t be afraid to connect with others

This isn’t Facebook. LinkedIn is business networking.  I know many people who only connect with people they already know and refuse those they don’t know.  How is that helpful in the business world?  Be careful though, if you are too overzealous, you may get penalized. Always always always be networking!

7.  Groups

There are thousands of groups on LinkedIn and you can find a group for any subject matter or industry.  Join the how to use LinkedIngroups, start talking to people, connect with them, post your blog content, articles etc, share with these people and watch what happens.

8.  People you may know

On the top right of the home page of LinkedIn, hover over the ‘add connection‘ icon and you will see the ‘people you may know‘ section. Use it and connect!

9.  Job searching

Did you know you can find thousands of jobs on LinkedIn?  Search by company, job title, location, salary, and more, and often times LinkedIn will even show you the person who is hiring for that position or others who already work for that company…let the networking begin!

10.  Applications

Did you know you can post your blog on your LinkedIn profile? Connect your Twitter, list all your published articles or books, slideshare, polls, and more.

Bonus:how to use LinkedIn company page

11. Company Pages

Most business owners don’t realize they can set up and post to a Company Page similar to a business page on Facebook. This page is separate from your personal LinkedIn page so yes, you can be behind the scenes and still promote your business. For more info check out LinkedIn’s Company Page help section.


What is your favorite thing about LinkedIn?